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Jorgen is one of only 6 certified Chi-Lel™ Qigong masters in the western world. This is no surprise, given his over 20 years of experience with Energy Work and Martial Arts. Since 2009, he has studied Chi-Lel™ Qigong, the world's most widely used form of medical Qigong, with world renowned Master Teacher and healer Ginny Walden. Jorgen's guiding principle of service to those in need of his unique skill in healing is rooted in his deep respect and study of the methods pioneered by Grand Master Pang Ming M.D. Dr. Pang Ming is credited for establishing the world's first "medicine-less" hospital. This hospital, the Zhineng Qigong Center, has treated over 200,000 patients, and over 185 different illnesses, with a 95% effective improvement rate.


Raised in the lush countryside of Skui, Norway, Jorgen drew inspiration from the power of the nordic landscape. Moving to Chicago in 1979, he pursued a successful career in the medical field, working for the last 25 years as an inpatient psychiatric registered nurse. Now highly sought after due to a series of powerful healing experiences effectively treating a wide range of illnesses in clients from around the World, Jorgen is dedicating himself to his  Healing Arts practice full time.


Aside from his Qigong practice, Jorgen is also a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Reiki Ryoho and Tibetan Reiki lineages.


When he's not practicing or teaching Healing Arts, you can find him blazing the unbeaten trails in the pristine rainforest of the Hawai'ian mountains, or free diving and body surfing in the rejuvenating waters of North Kohala.

  • Master Zhineng(Chi-lel™)Qigong Practitioner and Teacher

  • Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher

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